Reels are the future of Instagram!

Instagram is one of the best social sales tools for e-commerce and small business owners. It offers a full range of tools for creating content, tracking your performance, getting conversions and building relationships with customers. 

Instagram’s unique algorithm is a secret but we know one thing for sure: it loves Reels. Instagram has promoted Reels heavily and made it the focus of almost all recent product updates. 

When it comes to creating Instagram Reels, batch-creating can help you:

Save time

You can work faster by planning, filming and editing videos in batches.

Scale up

The efficiency of batch-creating means you can scale up your organic Instagram strategy without too much effort or time. 

Mental Clarity

The pressure’s off! When you create content ahead of time, you can relax and devote that brain power to other tasks.


Different parts of the video creation process take different skills, from brainstorming ideas to presenting on camera and making technical edits. You’ll be more creative if you stay in each phase for longer, rather than jumping around among different tasks.

Different audiences need different content:

New Viewers prefer short videos that speak to current trends. Clips of footage and overlaid text are great for introducing new audiences to your brand. 

Existing Followers prefer long-form videos and personal stories. They already know about your brand. Now they want to build a relationship with you.

Set aside some time each week for research and idea gathering. If you are struck with inspiration at other times during the week that is great. The best results will come when you intentionally put some time into brainstorming. 

It’s always better to have too many ideas than too few. You can film around 8-10 videos in each batch. If there are any ideas left over, then you have a head start on next week’s work.

If you are struggling, start by researching TikTok and Instagram Reels. Look at the current trends, popular formats, and content topics from competitors in your niche. Think about how you can adapt each one to your unique industry, business and tone of voice. 

Try to pick trends that speak to you personally. When you are excited about a video, it shows in your performance. If you are bored your audience will be too. 

AI is a useful tool for Instagram content ideas, too. Start with a tool like Chat GPT or Bing. You can prompt it with your role, audience, topic and how your audience will benefit from your offer. Alternatively, you could ask the AI generator to list some frequently asked questions or objections to purchase, and then suggest some answers to them. 

Finally you could even use Google search to learn more about your audience and the content they need. Type any question into Google, then scroll untill you see a section labeled “People also asked”, it’s free, instant keyword research, with 10-20 longtail keywords and questions you can use for content ideas.