Want to publish more Instagram reels without recording every day? We have put together some tips to get you started. 

Brainstorm Ideas

  • Tailor your content to different audience segments
  • Research with Social Listening
  • Research with AI

Plan and Script

Plan: Decide what the video should include and how to film it.

Script: Write down talking points or fully script your content.

Adapt: Adjust tone, content and style to resonate with your audience

Film your Instagram Content

  • Use a modern smartphone with high video resolution and 60fps.
  • Invest in a microphone for better sound quality.
  • Gather props to make your videos visually appealing. 

Lighting and setting

  • Film in a disturbance-free environment with great lighting.
  • Consider using a ring light for a professional glow.
  • Enhance your performance with teleprompters and capture B-roll footage.

Check Instagram Reels

  • Check sound quality and background audio
  • Trim filler content and include B-roll footage.
  • Add subtitles for accessibility.

Create a Schedule

  • Batch-create content and schedule posts for regular and consistent posting.
  • Use scheduling tools to manage your content calendar efficiently.

Engage your followers

  • Regular posting builds audience anticipation and engagement.
  • Keep your followers hooked with consistent content.