Posting too much or not enough can hurt your reach and compromise your Instagram marketing efforts.

As a social media manager, you need to promote your business and reach your marketing goals while making the best possible use of your resources.

If you don’t post on Instagram enough, you risk lowering your account’s reach and engagement.

If you post too much on Instagram, low engagement can work against you.

We have some ideas on how frequently you should post.

So how often should you publish content on Instagram?

To maximise the value your business gets from social media content, focus on finding what kind of content helps you reach your goals most effectively.

Here are some tips:

Post stories regularly

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, suggests that stories are critical for keeping your business top of mind.

Post content consistently

Map out an Instagram content calendar with two feed posts per week and to daily stories. Then review your data and adjust your content plan as necessary.

Check your Insights

You can check your content performance and find the right Instagram publishing frequency using Instagram Insights and Business Suite Insights.

Optimise your Calendar

Getting your publishing frequency right is essential for maximising Instagram reach and engagement.  But it’s just as important to publish posts, reels and stories at the ideal times for your audience.

Meta has several tools you can use to find optimal times for your audience, including Instagram Insights, Creator Studio and Business Suite Insights.

Experiment regularly and try new tactics.
Add or subtract posts and stories from your Instagram content calendar to test a slightly higher or lower frequency.

Invest more in the content format and styles that drive the best results.