Not sure what to post on Instagram, do you struggle to come up with an effective strategy for marketing on Instagram? Creating an effective strategy helps you know what to post and when. We have 21 Instagram story ideas to help you out that you can use for marketing your product-based business. 

  1. Add links and shopping stickers to your stories
  2. Tell a story about the products you offer
  3. Share the process of making your product from start to finish
  4. Show your products with UGC
  5. Create urgency by using a countdown sticker
  6. Post photos of your favourite items for sale
  7. Create how-to videos for showcasing your product
  8. Give tips to help customers get the most out of their purchase
  9. Share why your product is beneficial
  10. Have an Influencer host takeover your stories
  11. Answer frequently asked questions about your offerings
  12. Give followers a sneak peak of What’s coming up next
  13. Tease Upcoming sales
  14. Share coupon codes and special promotions
  15. Post customer testimonials
  16. Host a giveaway for those who watch your stories
  17. Ask for feedback to improve your overall customer experience
  18. Poll your audience to get to know them better
  19. Create a regular story series
  20. Tell the story of how your brand got started
  21. Showcase your experience

It’s smart to use a combination of these different types of Instagram story posts to get the most value out of the platform. The more high-quality content you share, the better chance you’ll expand the reach of your business and boost sales.