Want to build an Instagram presence that draws the right audience to you?

Here are some ideas you can use to attract followers who will become raving customers and tell others about you. 


#1 Use a Brand Style Guide to Underscore Branding in your content

To create content that customers and fans can easily recognise on Instagram. Start with a style guide. A great style guide summaries all of the creative elements that define your brand including visuals and copy.


#2 Set up your Instagram profile for Brand Recognition and Engagement 

Focus on two key components: Introducing your business and highlighting all of the resources people need to become customers or brand advocates.

#3 Design a Well-Rounded Content Plan

Focus on topics and concepts that provide the most value to your prospects and customers. 

With high-value content, your brand can stick in followers’ minds, build trust more easily and attract a bigger customer base. 


#4 Partner with Complementary Brands

To create more focused buzz around your brand, partner with influencers or other brands who have overlapping audiences or specalise in your niche.


#5 Promote Your Instagram Account Across Channels

To expand your reach even further and attract an audience outside of Instagram, use the platform’s built-in sharing tools to reach people on every other social media platform you use. 

From cross-promotions and Influencer partnerships to optimised profile and customer content, you have plenty of options to build a brand on Instagram and grow an engaged audience. 


With these five tips you can use Instagram, to build a brand that stands out and thrives so you can meet key business and marketing goals. Need help with your brand style guide or social media contact us today and see how we can help you get started.