Since its introduction on Facebook and Instagram, Reels has grown to become a treasure trove of entertaining, imaginative and educational video content from around the world. Reels are the ideal place for brands to get discovered on the global stage, to express themselves with more creativity and fun, and can play a powerful role in crafting compelling narratives that drive excitement, engagement and awareness.

More than 45% of accounts on Instagram interact with a Reel at least once a week, according to a global study.

People spend half of their time on Facebook and Instagram watching videos.2 And with more and more people engaging with video content, we’ve seen tools like Reels grow rapidly in popularity, with a global study showing that over 45% of accounts on Instagram interact with a Reel at least once a week.

Your brand’s presence on Instagram already gives you an advantage in this shift to video. In fact, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms for building relationships with brands. Leveraging short-form video content on Reels is a great way to continue developing these connections and inspiring audiences across our Meta technologies. Using Reels can also get customers from discovery to purchase, with product tags that you can use so visitors can shop and learn more about your products.

In the era of Connected Brand, Reels is the perfect avenue for not only brand expression and experimentation, but also an effective platform to forge meaningful and lasting connections between brands and people.


Nail the hook: Keep brand objectives in mind—if the brand lift is your aim, highlight your brand in the first few seconds of your Reels. If the intent is conversions, showcase your product or service in action. Also, keep your storytelling short and sweet. Short-form videos mean short time limits and even shorter attention spans! Use your content wisely.

Get creative with transitions: Experiment with transitions in your Reels to entertain your viewers and show off your brand’s personality. You can also use creative features like augmented reality effects, custom audio and timers to keep things fresh.

Match the rhythm: Sync your music. Don’t underestimate the power of using sound to grab and retain the audience’s attention. Reels is already the biggest engagement growth driver on Instagram,5 and over 80% of Reels are viewed with sound on.6 Also, try to use auto-captions.

Keep it on trend: Stay in touch with the latest, and use the newest effects on Reels. Take part in cultural moments, trending topics and popular challenges that are relevant to your brand. Create and encourage your audience to remix your Reels, or spark a conversation with them in the comments section. Try adding relevant hashtags to optimize exposure for your content.

Explore collaborations:Partner with creators to tell your brand story in new and fresh ways. Collaborating with influencer voices drives more engagement, authenticity and awareness. Campaigns that include Branded Content ads saw +123% lift in awareness, +112% lift in association, and +67% lift in consideration and motivation,7showing that creators can help boost brand impact.

Be authentic: Reels is a place where authenticity thrives, so create Reels that are true to you and that reflect your brand values.

With these tips in mind, tap into the power of Reels to tell your brand story in unique and inventive ways, reaching new audiences and driving brand discovery.

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