Stoked about this announcement! A small but important one – Instagram is currently testing a new ‘Save Draft’ option, enabling users to keep working on their posts at a later stage.


To save a post as a draft (if you have access to the feature), all you need to do is tap the back arrow to leave your post and go to the home page – before you get there, you’ll get a prompt like this one above, enabling you to save your post as a draft.

Once you’re ready to get back to work on it, you can find your drafts in the ‘My Photo Stream’ source listing.


Previously, if you backed out of a post, it was gone forever – many Instagram users have been calling for a draft function for some time, and it looks like it is finally on the horizons!

The new option has been available to some users since mid-July, but the test pool looks to have been expanded this week. At present, however, it is still a test.

This will be a handy, functional addition, and one which many users seem to like, with all the chatter on twitter, and it wouldn’t appear to be a big drain on Instagram’s resources or capacity.

Given the amount of enthusiasm out there, it seems like it should be a sure-thing as a coming addition – though you never know till it’s officially announced.